Turkish-Style Tsoureki

Turkish-Style Tsoureki
  • 1,000 gr. Tsoureki Mix
  • 290 gr. - 310 gr. water
  • 80 gr. yeast
  • egg or Brilliant Mix for glazing
  1. Incorporate all the ingredients together
  2. Incorporate for 30 minutes in the traditional dough mixer or for 18 minutes on the 2nd speed of the high-speed dough mixer. (In the beginning the dough is coarse and dark yellow, whereas when it is ready it is smooth, soft, stringy, light yellow, and it does not stick)
  3. Allow the dough to rest in a warm place until it doubles in size
  4. Shape the dough as desired
  5. Ferment for 45 minutes at 40°C and 75 % RH
  6. Glaze with egg or Brilliant Mix and bake at 160°C


  • TUV A
  • TUV B
  • TUV-Austria
  • Kocher