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Having as a primary aim to facilitate professionals, KENFOOD products were designed to simplify the complex production process that the modern-day baker faces on a daily basis.

Inspired by their Greek descent, they place emphasis on Greek and Mediterranean flavors

The products’ high and consistent quality is achieved via:

Well-rounded and ongoing staff training

High specifications for the choice of raw materials

The strict hygiene conditions

The consistent and controlled temperature in the production and storage areas Strict production controls at all stages For many of its customers, KENFOOD produces specific made-to-order recipes and exclusively, custom-made products.

At the same time, it boasts a sophisticated research and development department, which, in combination with the technical excellence in production, give rise to the creation of innovative, high-specification products.

Furthermore, KENFOOD constantly invests in its customers’ training by presenting new products based on market trends, so that it meets its consumers needs, in the modern, fully-equipped display room which is located at the Loulis Mills facilities.


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